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more about trinity barbara

On July 28, 2015, I underwent spinal fusion surgery to correct my scoliosis. The recovery was pretty long and prevented me from doing what I love most - dance. I've danced nonstop since I was two years old so it was very difficult to sit still and do nothing. I couldn't be creative in my dancing for a while so I found my creative desires in wire jewelry. I saw a simple YouTube video on how to make a wire jewelry heart necklace and that's how it all started. Welcome to my store - a place full of nothing but creativity. 

Now, I study Business Administration and Management at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor with a minor in Arts and Design. I hope to become a freelance artist upon my graduation in 2024.

Trinity Barbara [the brand] is an extension of myself and my art. Each style and aesthetic highlighted is similar to my own personal style and how I use clothes and jewelry to express outward emotions. Our brand represents power and versatility, but also daintiness and elegance; there's a piece of jewelry for everybody

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