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2022 s/s gallery

barbara bimbo

The SCOTUS Roe v. Wade decision was devastating to all. The utter disregard for marginalized and low-income people in the US government is disheartening and cruel. Why is it that when a woman is confident in her sexuality, and is  willing to use her right to protect her own body, that she is considered a bimbo? A sl*t? A wh*re? We can and should be able to govern our OWN bodies. Thats why Barbara Bimbo The Doll™ is a symbol of strength for every person. 

2022 f/w gallery

barbara SOFT


Barbara Soft The Doll™ is an ode to every black woman who hasn't been seen as graceful. We are often deterred from being "soft" in fear of appearing or being perceived as weak. But Barbara Soft celebrates this, and she understands that strength and softness aren't mutually exclusive.

barbara EDGE


Barbara Edge The Doll™ represents the alternative people of the world. She reflects her confidence on a daily basis, unafraid to show her style. She doesn't care about what anyone thinks about her.  Why is it that alternative styles are considered weird?

barbara SLEEK